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USB 3.0/2.0 Hub with Multiport Splitter and Power Adapter

USB 3.0/2.0 Hub with Multiport Splitter and Power Adapter

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Color - 2.0 USB 7 port
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Color: White/Black

Feature: USB Hub

Keyword 1: pc accessories

Keyword 2: usb extender

Keyword 3: USB Hub 2.0,USB 2.0 HUB

Keyword 4: USB Hub 3.0,USB 3.0 HUB

Keyword 5: USB Hub 3.0/2.0

Keyword 6: windows xp/vista/7/8/10

Model Number: none

Package: Yes

Plug Standard: None

Funtion: None

Interface Type: USB 3.0

Ports: 7

Length: 44cm

Certification: NONE

Standard: USB 3.0

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes




USB 2.0 Hub USB Hub 2.0 Multi USB Splitter Hub Use Power Adapter 4/7 Port Multiple Expander 2.0 USB Hub with Switch for PC

Product color: Black/White


Product name: 4/7 port switch USB 2.0/3.0high-speed hub

Product model: 2.0/3.0 splitter

Product interface: USB2.0 B-type male port/DC power supply/USB2.0 A-type female port

Product material: Plastic

Support system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and MAC with USB support


  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • There are only two USB ports on the notebook, and there is no place for the USB flash drive after plugging in the mouse and camera. Bringing a USB Hub is much more convenient

  • The usb interface of the desktop is usually at the back, and it is tiring to bend over to plug and unplug. Connect the USB Hub to the back, we can use the usb device directly in front of the host.

Get rid of the worry of too crowded USB port. The appearance design of this USB 4/7 PORT HUB is very beautiful. The independent USB sockets are separated from each other, which avoids the squeezing of some large USB devices together, which is practical and convenient.

Package Include:

1*USBhigh-speed hub