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Swivel Home Lift Chair

Swivel Home Lift Chair

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Swivel Home Lift Chair - Ultimate Comfort for Your Workspace

Experience optimal comfort and convenience with our Swivel Home Lift Chair, designed to elevate your workspace or home office. This ergonomic computer chair offers an innovative lift mechanism that lets you adjust the height effortlessly, ensuring a personalized seating experience. Sink into the plush cushioning, providing exceptional lumbar support for extended work sessions. The 360-degree swivel feature allows you to move smoothly between tasks without straining. With its modern design and premium materials, this chair complements any interior while prioritizing your well-being. Upgrade your comfort and productivity today!

Product information :
Model: Gyang computer chair
Frame : Wooden frame
Inner padding: sponge
Color :
Style 1: [Double Layer Thickening] White Orange + Headrest,
Style 2: [Double Layer Thickening] White Black + Headrest,
Style 3: [Double Layer Thickening] White Coffee + Headrest,
Style 4: [Double Layer Thickening] Black + Headrest,
Style 5: [Double Layer Thickening] Brown + Headrest,
Style 6: [Double Layer Thickening] Beige + Headrest,
Style 7: [Double Layer Thickening] White Orange + Headrest + Footrest,
Style 8: [Double Layer Thickening] White and Black + Headrest + Footrest,
Style 9: [Double Layer Thickening] White Coffee Color + Headrest + Footrest,
Style 10: [Double Layer Thickening] Black + Headrest + Footrest,
Style 11: [Double Layer Thickening] Brown + Headrest + Footrest,
Style 12: [Double Layer Thickening] Beige + Headrest + Footrest

Packing list:
Chair+Headrest*1  / Chair+Footrest*1+ Headrest*1