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Stainless Steel Household Broom Set

Stainless Steel Household Broom Set

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Color - Silver
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Stainless Steel Household Broom Set

Dustpan and Heavy Duty Dustpan Sweeping Broom Dustpan Set Set Household Dustpans with Kit Brush Home Accessories Cleaning for


feature1: broom and scoop set

feature2: dustpan and brush set

feature3: Dust Pan and broom

feature4: Room Cleaning Shovel

feature5: Handle Garbage Shovel

feature6: Cleaning Broom

feature7: Handle Dustpan

feature8: Cleaning Dustpan

feature9: Office Garbage Shovel

feature10: broom for home

feature11: Household Cleaning Supplies

feature12: college dorm essentials

Highlights1: indoor broom and dust pan

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes



- Color: Silver
- Material: Stainless steel
- Dustpan Size: 80.00X27.00X25.00cm/31.44X10.61X9.82in
- Broom Size: 90.00X33.00X4.00cm/35.37X12.97X1.57in
- For indoor or outdoor use, ideal for home, sidewalks, garages, workshops, lobbies, shopping malls, etc.
- This cleaning tool can be a great gift for your friends and family. They will be very happy.
- The broom and dustpan are very suitable for people to participate in housework. Light weight and convenient storage.
- They can help you clean the home for your convenience. Ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold and easy to use.
- Simple home floor cleaning tools, clean and store well for better life-style and life quality.

1 x dustpan 1 x broom


heavy duty dustpan broom set