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Splash Filter Nozzle for Kitchen Faucet

Splash Filter Nozzle for Kitchen Faucet

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Splash Filter Nozzle for Kitchen Faucet

Upgrade your kitchen faucet with our Splash Filter Nozzle, designed to make your daily kitchen tasks more convenient and mess-free. Measuring just 25 characters in length, this nozzle is a compact and effective solution for managing splashes and controlling the flow of water.

Say goodbye to messy countertops and wet clothes when washing dishes or preparing meals. The Splash Filter Nozzle's innovative design reduces water splashing by up to 90%, ensuring that water flows smoothly and precisely where you need it. This means less clean-up time and a more enjoyable cooking and cleaning experience.

Product information:

Name: Multifunctional faucet bubbler
Scope of application: kitchen/basin faucet
Interface: universal four-point interface
Product function: rotatable / three-speed water outlet
Material: ABS engineering plastic
Surface technology: electroplating

Packing list:

Faucet   X1