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SecureDoor Child Safety Lock

SecureDoor Child Safety Lock

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SecureDoor Child Safety Lock 

Safeguard your child with the SecureDoor Child Safety Lock, a reliable solution to prevent curious kids from accessing unsafe areas. With a quick and hassle-free installation, this door handle lock fits seamlessly on most standard door handles. Its sturdy construction withstands children's attempts to unlock, ensuring their safety. Designed with both parents and kids in mind, the lock's simple yet effective design maintains the aesthetic of your home while providing an essential layer of security. Keep your child out of harm's way and enjoy peace of mind knowing they can't wander into danger zones. Elevate your childproofing efforts with SecureDoor today!


Anti-child door opener anti-cat dog anti-pet door knob lock anti-lock baby lock


Name: Door handle safety lock
Material: ABS + PC
Function: prevent children from opening the door
Suitable for: most door handles
Color: grey

Package Content:

Door Handle Lock*1