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Samsung BN59-01315B Remote Control for RU7100 Series TVs

Samsung BN59-01315B Remote Control for RU7100 Series TVs

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Use: TV

Wireless Communication: IR

Support APP: No

Frequency: 433 MHz

Channel: 3

Package: Yes

Model Number: BN59-01315B

Choice: yes


Supported Hardware List:

BE43T-H; BE50T-H; BE55T-H; BE65T-H; BE75T-H; GQ55Q65TGU; GQ55Q84TGT; GQ55Q85TGT; GQ65Q84TGT; GQ55Q85TGT; GQ75Q65TGU; GQ75Q84TGT; HG43RU750EB; HG50RU750EB; HG55RU750EB; HG65RU750EB; HG75RU750EB; QE40Q60RAT; QE43Q60TAU; QE49Q60RAT; QE49Q67RAT; QE49Q70RAT; QE49Q80TAT; QE50Q60TAU; QE55Q60RAT; QE55Q67RAT; QE55Q70RAT; QE55Q67TAT; QE55Q80RAT; QE55Q80TAT; QE55Q85RAT; QE55Q90RAT; QE55Q950RBT; QE58Q60TAU; QE65Q60RAT; QE65Q60TAU; QE65Q67RAT; QE65Q70RAT; QE65Q70TAT; QE65Q800TAT; QE65Q80RAT; QE65Q80TAT; QE65Q85RAT; QE65Q85TAT; QE65Q90RAT; QE65Q950RBT; QE75Q60RAT; QE75Q60TAU; QE75Q70RAT; QE75Q70TAT; QE75Q800TAT; QE75Q80TAT; QE75Q85RAT; QE75Q90RAT; QE75Q950RBT; QE82Q60RAT; QE82Q70RAT; QE82Q950RBT; QE85Q70TAT; QE85Q80TAT; QE98Q950RBT; UE32T4300AK; UE32T4302AK; UE32T4305AK; UE32T5300AK; UE32T5300AW; UE32T5302AK; UE32T5305AK; UE32T5370AU; UE32T5372AU; UE32T5375AU; EU55RU7172U; UE65RU7172;