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Retractable Gel Pens Set - Black/Red/Blue Ink, Ballpoint

Retractable Gel Pens Set - Black/Red/Blue Ink, Ballpoint

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Color - 10 Blue Refills
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Type: Gel Pen

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Roise Retractable Gel Pens Set Black/Red/Blue Ink Ballpoint for Writing Refills Office Accessories School Supplies Stationery
This gel pen brings you unparalleled writing experience. It uses tungsten carbide nibs to provide a low-damping writing experience and smooth, smooth writing. Its unique spring-tip design ensures no ink accumulation or leakage, making your writing process smoother. This gel pen has excellent battery life and can write about 10000 characters. It has a built-in spring that provides high resilience and allows for instant refilling, providing strong support for long-term writing. The comfortable soft rubber sheath gives you unprecedented comfort when holding the pen. The three-color design makes this pen suitable for a variety of scenarios and meets your different needs. The precision components and smooth press design make this gel pen both practical and elegant. The unique pen clip design not only protects the nib, but also makes it convenient for you to carry it anywhere. Place it on a notebook or book, and gently clip it to make it easy to carry and avoid inadvertent loss. Even on a tilted table, it won't easily roll off, keeping your pen under control. Choosing this gel pen means choosing smooth, comfortable, durable, and convenient. Let this gel pen take us on a graceful journey of writing!
【Smooth writing】: With carbonized tungsten penball, it provides a low-drag writing experience, resulting in smooth and smooth handwriting.
【Long endurance】: It can write for about 1W words. The built-in selected spring has high elasticity and the button allows for smooth writing without the need to frequently replace the pencore, saving you time and trouble.
【Comfortable grip】: The soft rubber covering design provides comfortable grip, suitable for long-term writing.
【Versatile usage】: The three-color design makes it suitable for various occasions and different needs. You can easily use it in different situations according to your needs.
【Convenient carry】: The unique pen clip design protects the pen tip and allows you to easily carry it on notebooks or books wherever you go, making it less likely to get lost.