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Rabbit Grooming Kit- 4Pcs Pet Care Set

Rabbit Grooming Kit- 4Pcs Pet Care Set

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Rabbit Grooming Kit- 4Pcs Pet Care Set

Elevate your furry friend's grooming routine with our 4-piece Rabbit Grooming Kit! This comprehensive set includes essential tools for maintaining your rabbit's health and appearance.

  1. Tear Stain Remover Combs: Say goodbye to unsightly tear stains with our gentle, effective combs designed to keep your rabbit's eyes clean and clear.

  2. Pet Nail Clipper: Trim your pet's nails with ease and precision using our ergonomic nail clipper, ensuring their comfort and safety.


 Model Number: RGK201

Material: plastic

features: Small Animals Grooming Kit

Type 1: Double Sided Pet Comb

Type 2: Pet bath comb brush

Type 3: Pet Hair Remover

Quantity: 4 Pcs

brushes for rabbits pets: rabbits brush

accessories for rabbits: rabbit comb

pet brush shampoo: hamster nail kit

pet rabbit accessories: Rabbit bathroom brush

hamster accessories: hamster bathroom brush