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Pet Grooming Brush & Flea Comb Set

Pet Grooming Brush & Flea Comb Set

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Color - Blue 14cm
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Pet Grooming Brush & Flea Comb Set

Elevate your small pet's grooming routine with our Rabbit Grooming Brush Set! This essential kit includes a gentle brush, a flea comb, and a shampoo bath brush, designed for the well-being of your furry friends like hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Our compact, 3-in-1 grooming set ensures that your pets stay clean, comfortable, and free from pesky fleas. The soft bristle brush effectively removes loose hair, preventing matting and tangles, while also providing a soothing massage for your pet. The flea comb helps you combat those unwanted critters, keeping your pet itch-free and healthy.


Material: Stainless Steel Needle

accessories for rabbits: Rabbit Grooming Brush

type 2: Small Animal Flea Comb

features: Small Pet Cleaning Tool

Comb Size: 14cm/18cm

rabbit supplies: Flea Comb

hamster accessories: Grooming Brush

guinea pigs assessories: Lice Combs

pet rabbit accessories: brush for rabbits

brushes for rabbits: rabbit comb