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Perf-Proof Kitchen Rag Plug

Perf-Proof Kitchen Rag Plug

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Color - Dark green
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Perf-Proof Kitchen Rag Plug

Say goodbye to pesky perforations with our Perf-Proof Kitchen Rag Plug! Tired of tearing your kitchen paper towels or cloth wipes when you least expect it? Our innovative plug design ensures a frustration-free cleaning experience. No more unraveling or wasted sheets. Simply insert this convenient plug into your paper towel or rag roll holder, and enjoy seamless, uninterrupted cleaning. Made from durable materials, it's built to last. Whether you're wiping spills, drying dishes, or tackling tough messes, the Perf-Proof Kitchen Rag Plug guarantees efficiency and savings. Experience hassle-free cleaning today!

Product information:

Product category: adhesive hook
Material: PP
Style: single hook
Color: white, pink, light blue, dark green
Style: modern and simple
Size: 5cm*2.2cm


1. The fixed part of the towel is made of silica gel, which is heat resistant, cold resistant and not easy to deform
2. Paste with adhesive, and use it to paste without marks. After removal, there will be no traces left on the wall
3. ABS, silicone cover, suitable for various scenarios