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Montessori English Learning Toy for Preschoolers

Montessori English Learning Toy for Preschoolers

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Montessori English Learning Toy for Preschoolers

Introducing our Montessori English Learning Toy, designed to engage and educate young minds. This innovative educational toy is meticulously crafted to help kids aged 3-6 years develop essential language skills while having fun.

Our toy focuses on CPC (Cognition, Preschool Education, and Communication) to ensure a holistic learning experience. It's a versatile tool for parents and teachers, fostering language study and cognitive development in an enjoyable way.

With a wide range of activities and interactive elements, children can immerse themselves in hands-on learning. They'll explore vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic language structures, all while enhancing their fine motor skills.


Recommend Age: 3-6y

Certification: CE

Certification: Europe certified (CE)

Choice: yes

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Item No.
Battery Capacity
Quantities of card
Instructions, USB cable
Blue or pink
Product Size
Learning machine: 11*2*9cm/ Card: 6*9cm
Strong carton box with Color 
Packing Size
Carton Size
Gross Weight

1. The product includes 510cards , a USB charging cable and a manual. 2. The product has two colors, Pink and blue, which are applicable to both boys and girls.
3. The cute cartoon bear shape attracts children's attention and makes children love it more.
4. There are different themes in the card, including animals, daily necessities, vehicles, food, fruits, vegetables, clothing, nature, color, people, shape and so on. It covers a variety of scenes in life and allows children to understand life from many aspects. 5. Press the start key, insert the card, the early education machine reads the words on the card, press the repeat key, and the machine reads the words on the card again, which is conducive to repeated teaching. There are words and corresponding pictures on the card, which is helpful for children to learn words and quickly connect them with daily necessities or life scenes to deepen their memory.
6. With music key, music can be played.
7. large capacity certified 13400 battery with long working time (10300 or polymer battery used by peers) 8. high fidelity loudspeaker broadcast (small memory in the same industry reduces flash output and cheap loudspeaker leads to noise or rotten sound); 9. our company uses the latest technology in an integrated manner, with integrated transmitter receiver package, infrared ray and anti sunlight interference. (in the same industry, the separated type, the transmitting lamp and the receiving type are used, and the visible light is used. The cost of a single group is low. It is only detected after the card is inserted in place. It is easy to read the wrong card or the card contents in the sun.)

This toy is the ideal gift for your son, dauther, grandson, granddougther, niece nephew etc. to as birthday gift, school gift, christmas gift, festival gift, daily surprise gift etc.