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Mini Digital Multimeter - Smart Electrician Tester for DC/AC Voltage

Mini Digital Multimeter - Smart Electrician Tester for DC/AC Voltage

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Color - FY106B
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AC Voltage: 1V~600V

Display Type: Digital display

DC Voltage: 1V~600V

AC Current: 100mA~4A

Measuring Resistance Range: 50Ω~40MΩ

Certification: CE

DC Current: 100mA~4A

Measuring Capacitance Range: 40000μF(FY106B)

Operating Mode: Auto/Manual mode

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


MASTFUYI FY106A/FY106B True RMS Multimeter – Versatile, Accurate and Reliable


1. Multi-function measurement: FY106A/FY106B supports a variety of measurement functions such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios. Whether it is a simple circuit inspection or a complex electronic experiment, it can be easily completed.

2. High-precision measurement: Using advanced measurement technology, FY106A/FY106B guarantees high-precision measurement results and provides you with reliable data support. Consistent performance in a wide range of environments ensures you get accurate measurement results.

3. Portable Design: The compact design makes the FY106A/FY106B an ideal portable tool. It is easy to carry and suitable for various occasions, providing you with the convenience of measurement anytime, anywhere.

4. Safe and reliable: The built-in safety protection mechanism ensures the safety during use. It has a protective function to protect users and equipment from potential dangers.

5. Large screen display: The large LCD screen clearly displays the measurement results to ensure that the data can be easily read under different lighting conditions.


MASTFUYI FY106A/FY106B Multimeter is a feature-rich, accurate and reliable electronic measurement tool for a wide range of scenarios. Whether you are a professional engineer or an enthusiast, the FY106A/FY106B will be your right-hand man in the field of electronic measurement. Choose Mastfuyi for superior performance and reliable quality.

Power Type:

2*AAA batteries (not included)