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M5-559 0.5mm Automatic Rotation Mechanical Pencil

M5-559 0.5mm Automatic Rotation Mechanical Pencil

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Color - M5-559 black
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Writing Point: 0.5mm

Packaging: LOOSE

Type: Mechanical Pencils

Soluble Or Not: Pastille

Body Material: Plastic

Lead Hardness: HB

Model Number: M5-559

Choice: yes


Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Limited Edition M5-559 Automatic Rotation Drawing Special Pencil Stationery
Each time writing is paused, the pen tip will leave the paper and fit inside the pencil to fit 3 gear
The refill rotates once / 9 ° each time / the nib keeps rubbing
Because the part that touches the paper can be kept thin
The lines written in this way can be clearer and denser
The end of the wire core keeps the conical writing pen even
Writing to the pen tube is only 1MM
Press once to return the pen tube to 3MM
The pen tube effectively protects the lead core. Babies who like to write hard at first need not worry about breaking lead!
If you don't write hard, you can also press the lead as usual and write ~
How to rotate the lead
There are 3 gears inside the pencil, and the middle gear is connected to the lead core. Through the pen pressure that produces color when writing, it moves longitudinally. Diagonally meshed with the other two gears, causing the lead of the middle gear of the pen to drive the nose tip to rotate slightly each time. Rotate 18 * 20 strokes each time to complete one rotation.
The working principle of KURA ᅠ TOGA is that when the writing pauses, the pen tip leaves the paper, and the lead rotates once. It is not in the non-stop writing. The lead rotates continuously; the one that does not rotate is not paused during the writing And the pressure pen is too light.
The secret of constant core
The front part of the refill can be written without being exposed. The edge of the library tube is smooth, the writing is smooth, the pen tube protects the lead, and the writing is continuous.
Anti-break premise: the lead core needs to be in the protection of the pen tube