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Kitchen Sponge & Dish Brush Set

Kitchen Sponge & Dish Brush Set

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Kitchen Sponge & Dish Brush Set

Make dishwashing a breeze with our Kitchen Sponge & Dish Brush Set. These essential kitchen supplies ensure spotless, effortless cleaning.

Product information:

Product name: Thickened sponge wipe

Material: Polypropylene filament + sponge
Weight: 7g


New Lense + sponge, soft with rigid, strong cleaning power, thick sponge inside, rich foam, improve washing efficiency, external friction to effectively remove stubborn stains, easy to use
Can wipe off stubborn stains, do not hurt hands, good cleaning power, a clean
Easy to produce dense foam, can be arbitrarily rubbed, clean stubborn stains

Packing list:

Sponge brush*4/8