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Heavy Duty Effortless Stapler - Staples 25 Sheets

Heavy Duty Effortless Stapler - Staples 25 Sheets

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Color - Blue 25 sheets
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STYLE 1: Effortless half Strip Stapler

STYLE 2: TPE + ABS handle, plastic base

STYLE 3: Color box

STYLE 4: Full anti-slip base

STYLE 5: Soft touch grip

Power: manual

Model Number: E0476

Staple Size: 26/6

Sheet Capacity: 50sheets

Throat Depth: 30mm

Material: Metal

Weight: 260g

Dimensions: (133*93*39)mm

Size: Normal

Type: Standard Stapler

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


1:Transformable structure
2:Quarter strip, load 25/40/50pcs staples
3:24/6 or 26/6 staples
4:Front loading
5:Full anti-slip base
6:Paper edge distance:30mm
7:With 1000pcs No.10 staples
8.E0476: 25 sheets Size: 54*44*150mm

   E0478:40 sheets Size:115*45*165mm

   E0371:50 sheets Size:163*46*67mm

Sales Point
1. Effort-saving design:Our stapler is designed with a lever action that makes one-finger stapling effortless, reducing hand fatigue or strain. Perfect for those who want a stress-free stapling experience.

2.25/40/50 Sheet Capacity: Double the capacity of regular staplers, our stapler effortlessly binds up to 40-50 sheets, making it ideal for thicker materials. Suitable for diverse settings, including offices, schools, and homes, it supports 24/6, 24/8, and 26/6 staples for versatile use.

3. Anti-skid: Our Deli stapler features a non-slip rubber base ensuring it stays securely in place during use, preventing staple misalignment and safeguarding your desktop from scratches.

4. Staple jam prevention: Experience hassle-free stapling with our stapler featuring a special inner rail design that employs advanced technology to prevent staple jams.

5. Quick Loading: Refill your stapler with ease using the spring-powered quick-load button. A simple touch of your finger, and the loading chamber gently pops out, ensuring a convenient and quick reloading experience.