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Handheld Kitchen Blender for Effortless Cooking

Handheld Kitchen Blender for Effortless Cooking

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Color - White
Electrical outlet - EU
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Handheld Kitchen Blender for Effortless Cooking

Upgrade your cooking game with our handheld kitchen blender. This versatile tool simplifies meal prep, from smoothies to soups. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, while the powerful motor effortlessly blends ingredients to perfection. Say goodbye to clunky countertop appliances and hello to culinary convenience. Elevate your kitchen experience with our handheld blender today!


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Functions: juicing, mincing meat, crushing ice, dry grinding, mixing, beating eggs, making milkshakes, mixing

Speed adjustment gear: 1 gear

Capacity: 600 ml

Rated voltage: 110-220 (V)

Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)

Rated power: 200 (W)

Product size: 220*120mm

Power: 150

Speed: 15000