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Grease Separation Kettle

Grease Separation Kettle

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Grease Separation Kettle

Upgrade your kitchen with our innovative Grease Separation Kettle! This 2-in-1 kitchen appliance is a game-changer when it comes to cooking convenience and healthy meal preparation. With a compact design and a 25-character title, it's perfect for any kitchen setup.

Effortlessly separate cooking grease from your delicious dishes with our Grease Separation Kettle. Say goodbye to messy strainers and unhealthy excess fats in your meals. This kettle features a unique separation system that efficiently separates grease from your cooking, ensuring lighter, healthier, and more flavorful meals.

Product information:

Material: plastic
Capacity: 1500ml
Style: modern and simple
Function: automatic opening and closing
Product size: about 12 * 18cm
Commodity weight: about 0.47kg


The food grade PP material can filter out too much oil and reduce oil intake. It is healthy and nutritious. With a filter residue screen, it can filter the broken bones and fish bones in the soup. It is safe to eat.
You can drink delicious and non-greasy soup in soup, which is healthy and nutritious
Heat-resistant temperature, maximum temperature: 130 ℃, minimum temperature: - 20 ℃

Packing list:

Oil-separated soup pot*1