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Faber Castell Long Point Manual Pencil Sharpener for Art

Faber Castell Long Point Manual Pencil Sharpener for Art

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Color - Sketch Sharpener
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Model Number: 112211

Age: >3 years old

Type: Mechanical

Choice: yes


About this item

  • 【Professional Art Pencil Sharpener】Still use the old manual pencil sharpener? Look at our helical blade manual pencil sharpener for artists which can sharpen 3000 times. Advantages: Fast, labor saving, lead not easy to break, large capacity shavings box and adjustable pencil nib.

  • 【Long Point Pencil Sharpener】Designed for φ6-8.2mm sketching and drawing pencils, this manual pencil sharpener will give you a long point, ranging from 8mm-20mm. Thicker core, longer points. An inexpensive choice for artists! Please note that this model do not compatible with pastel pencils or any pastel buildup or very soft and brittle lead pencils. Please check your pencils compatibility before purchased. Thank you.

  • 【Adjustable Pencil Nib with Sandpaper】The sharpness of the nib can adjustable by rotate the knob on the handle. If you want a NEEDLE SHARP point, use the black sandpaper embedded in the shavings box.

  • 【Pencil Sharpener for Artist】This art pencil sharpener is your good partner. When you think of an elegant sketch set gift, you need to look at this. It really makes the painters feel comfortable. Buy it now for your 8mm art pencils!

  • Instructions for use

    1. The thickness of the nib can be adjusted. According to the drawing needs, you can get nibs with different sharpness by turning the knob before sharpening the pen (Figure A)

    2. Insert the pencil into the hole and rotate the rocker arm clockwise to advance the pencil and sharpen it

    3. When it reaches idling, it means that the pencil has been sharpened, and then turn counterclockwise to withdraw the pencil, pay attention

    When withdrawing the pen, you don’t need to withdraw too much and the tip of the pen will break if you withdraw too much (Figure B)