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Elegant Acrylic DIY Wall Clock

Elegant Acrylic DIY Wall Clock

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Elegant Acrylic DIY Wall Clock

Transform your living room with our exquisite acrylic DIY wall clock. This stunning timepiece combines modern design and effortless assembly, making it a perfect addition to your decor. The clock features a minimalist aesthetic with its sleek acrylic construction that reflects light beautifully. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can create a personalized masterpiece in no time.

Crafted for the living room, this wall clock not only keeps you punctual but also enhances the ambiance. Its large, bold numerals are easy to read from a distance, while the silent quartz movement ensures a peaceful environment. The clock's hands glide smoothly, maintaining accurate time without any distracting ticking sounds.

Product Information:

Product Category: Wall clock
Double-sided: Single-sided
Style: Fashion
Appearance: round
Suitable place: study, public place, office, bedroom, living room, others
Waterproof: no

Material: acrylic