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Double Layered Lunch Box With Spoon

Double Layered Lunch Box With Spoon

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Double Layered Lunch Box With Spoon

Introducing our Dual-Layer Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork – the perfect companion for your on-the-go dining needs! This stylish and practical lunch container is designed to make your mealtime convenient, organized, and enjoyable.


1. Double Layers, Double Satisfaction: Our dual-compartment design allows you to pack a variety of dishes without worrying about flavors mixing. Keep your salad crisp and your pasta piping hot, all in one compact container.

2. Included Spoon & Fork: Say goodbye to flimsy disposable cutlery! We've included a durable, reusable spoon and fork that conveniently attach to the inside of the lid. Enjoy your meals in eco-friendly style.


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The Double Layered Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork is a versatile and practical food storage solution designed to meet your on-the-go dining needs. With two spacious compartments, this lunch box allows you to separate and store a variety of dishes, preventing food mixing and maintaining their freshness. Made from durable and food-safe materials, it ensures your meals remain safe and hygienic. The set includes a convenient spoon and fork, eliminating the need for disposable utensils and promoting sustainability. Its compact design and secure locking system make it ideal for travel, work, or school, ensuring a hassle-free and eco-friendly dining experience