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Disposable kitchen towels

Disposable kitchen towels

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Disposable kitchen towels

Upgrade your kitchen hygiene with our disposable kitchen towels! These versatile, 100% biodegradable towels offer a perfect blend of convenience and sustainability. Measuring 25cm x 25cm, they are ideal for spills, cleaning, and food prep.

Eco-Friendly: Our towels are made from sustainably sourced materials, reducing your carbon footprint. After use, simply compost them, contributing to a greener planet.

Super Absorbent: These towels can absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid, making them a dependable choice for any kitchen task.

Product  information

Product category: Dish towel
Material: non-woven fabric
Applicable object: pot/bowl

Features of this product: wood pulp has good water absorption, and the product has strong water and oil absorption