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26-Piece Marble Dinnerware Set

26-Piece Marble Dinnerware Set

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Color - Marble Grey
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MALACASA FLORA Dinnerware Sets


MALACASA came into the public eye with its mission to provide all families with a healthy and convenient lifestyle.

From its birth to development, MALACASA has always devoted itself to integrating modern ideas with traditional aesthetics for elegant porcelain with its superb craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, upholding a firm belief to cherish natural resources and embrace organic green life is its eternal pursuit.

Design Concept of FLORA Series

The love of life, warmth of family, and peace of mind are the most comforting things for people. Life is closely related to food. A good set of dinnerware brings a touch of class to any dining table.

Why is FLORA Dinnerware Essential

The FLORA Series is a beautifully crafted set that draws inspiration from the beauty of natural into life. Wavy-shaped pattern, glossy and delicate, create a stunning visual effect. White and marble dishes greatly stimulate your taste buds, provide a fabulous dining experience, whether for casual gathering or formal party.


FLORA Ivory White Dinnerware

Glossy white finished with wavy-shaped pattern, our FLORA dinnerware sets perfect as gift and table setting decor for daily.


Modern Dishes, Upgrade Kitchen


FLORA Marble DInnerware Set

Wavy-shaped design, unique marble lines and elegant square pattern make FLORA dinnerware set add special scenery for your table.

Add Flavor for Table & Kitchen

FLORA Blue Dinnerware Sets

Unqiue Blue FLORA series plates and bowls sets add flavor for your kitchen dining.

FLORA Pink Dinnerware Sets

Special Pink FLORA series plates and bowls sets are perfect for all families.

Special FLORA Dinnerware

What makes our products unique?

MALACASA, whom products are processed with strict production procedures, strict quality control, and the styles are novel.

More importantly, MALACASA has always maintained an innovative attitude and spirit in the field of Porcelain.

What problem are we solving?

All the products on the markets are the nearly the same style, value are relative higher than its quality.

However, MALACASA are dedicated to provided exquisite and novel products for all customers, what's more, all our products are in good quality and lower value, great value for money.

 26-Piece Marble Plates and Bowls Sets, Porcelain Dinnerware Set with Dinner Plate Set,  Kitchen Dish Set for 6, Series Flora




Product Description

  1. 26 Piece Dinnerware Set for 6

  2. 10'' Dinner Plates

  3. 24 OZ Soup Plates

  4. 15 OZ Cereal Bowls

  5. 11'' &13'' Serving Platters


1 FLORA Dinnerware Sets 2 FLORA Dinner Plates 3 FLORA Soup Plates 4 FLORA Cereal Bowls 5 FLORA Serving Platters

Features of FLORA Series Dinnerware Sets


Exquisite Design & Class Your Table


  • The square wavy-shaped dish set features with exquisite natural marble lines, and each one are different, that means you will received different design texture of these dinnerware set.
  • Square glossy finished dish set bring style into every kitchen, and perfect fit for any casual or formal dining.

Stackable Dinnerware & Space-Saving

  • Marble grey plates and bowls sets are much harder than stoneware dishes set, durable and practical for daily life, same in oven and dishwasher.
  • For MALACASA dinnerware sets, each plates set are neatly stackable and save much space in your cupboard. Classic and fashion for all your purposes.


1 Secure for Green Life 2 Exquisite Craftsmanship 3 Closer Connection

Did the dinnerware sets are large and deep enough for food?

Sure, these square plates and bowls sets are around 8-10'', soup plates are 24 Ounce, widely used it for salad, corn soup, and all your daily food.

Are these marble dishes set easy to chip when heating in microwave?

Not really, please just put the plates in microwave at middle temperature for 2-3 minute for longer usage.

Can i get a replacement once received defective plates?

Sure, for any defective items were received, please kindly let us know first, we are always provide you better solutions to solve it soon once confirmed.

Specification of Series Dinnerware Sets



Marble Grey Marble Grey Marble Grey Ivory White Ivory White Gray White Ivory White


16 Piece (Service for 4) 30 Piece (Service for 6) 24 Piece (Service for 6) 30 Piece (Service for 6) 30 Piece (Service for 6) 16 Piece (Service for 4) 30 Piece (Service for 6)

Professional Grade Porcelain

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Dishwasher Safe


Microwave Safe