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20PCS Self-adhesive Thermal Sticker Paper for Mini Photo Printer 5.7 x 2.5cm

20PCS Self-adhesive Thermal Sticker Paper for Mini Photo Printer 5.7 x 2.5cm

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Color - 20 Sticker C
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Product Description

  • Package Contains: You will receive 20 rolls of self-adhesive thermal printer paper rolls with the dimensions: 5.7cm*2.5cm. It is very easy to install and use this printer paper. Just pay attention to the correct mounting orientation and you will easily be able to print beautiful photos.

  • Strong Adhesion for More Applications: Our kids camera printing paper is made of self-adhesive thermal paper with excellent adhesion. You can stick your prints to any smooth surface without worrying about them peeling off.

  • Quality Material: Mini photo printer labels is a high quality thermal paper, the material is safe and non-toxic to use with confidence, no ink is required for clear printing. The thermal coating is smooth and transparent, medium strength, waterproof, moisture-proof, scratch-resistant, and can be used as an accessory for mini photo printers.

  • Easy to use: Thermal paper installation is simple, just pay attention to the direction of the printing paper, if the print doesn't come out, you can check if the direction is right, stick it where you want, the glue is very sticky. It is also easy to peel it off later if you want and it leaves no glue, which can help you save a lot of time and improve work efficiency.

  • Widely Used: This mini thermal printer paper is not just a printer paper for your camera, but also has many other uses. It makes it easy to print notes and important information for organizing tasks and can also be used to create category labels, black and white photos, crafts, notes of all kinds. Children can also color their photos with colored pencils to show off their creativity and imagination.