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This has hardly been a decade since we have witnessed the phenomenon of smartphones. The introduction of devices such as Apple’s iPhone and several Android-powered phones literally altered the way we perceived the cellular phones. Apart from the competency to make calls and send text messages, these smartphones can also perform most features expected from the computer. Though, within the period itself, we are in edge of another technological phenomenon. A few established organizations have launched smart watches, which can do a lot more than just telling us the time.
Smart Watches are wearable devices that act as our digital assistants. Early studies start in the early 1970s but the idea took a concrete shape in 2013 when electronics majors like iPhone, Sony, and Samsung came up their watch phones. Though the recently launched devices work in the combination with a smart phone, there are numerous Verpro smart watch manufacturers who offer these gadgets as a standalone model.
This can be Connected to the phone by Bluetooth, these gadgets can be displayed updated weather information, set reminders for the users, take a picture through a mini-camera and many more. Since most of these phones run on with the iOS, Android mobile operating system, the smart watches also share the same core. The embedded Android system brands This compatible with a plethora of apps that already exist in the system. Moreover, numerous app manufactures have created apps that are specifically optimized for watches.
Smart watches have also been combined with GPS tracking devices in order to provide a complete range of navigation services. Moreover, these devices have in-built sensors such as heart-rate monitor other health monitors, the thermometer and the accelerometers, which support sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts to track their vital statistics after a workout. The Sportspersons lengthily use this product to record their workouts and to analyse the statistics based on the data collected.
Apart from the watch phones, the standalone smart watches are mostly hurled by old-style watch companies and have limited features. Though, connectivity to the PC, navigation services and the two-communication competences are some features that make this a worthy investment.
The future of wearable devices is tremendously interesting, seeing the fact that organizations like Google and Apple are making considerable investments in the research and development of such gadgets. The upcoming launch of the Google glass, another wearable device with similar functions, there is a possibility that we should witness progressive technologies, especially in the field of the touchscreens, the batteries and seamless integration with additional devices in the ecosystem.
The major boost to this relatively new industry was received when Verpo came up with their advanced smart watch. Dissimilar Sony SmartWatch, this device runs on the iOS and Android platform but this connectivity to smartphones and tablets is currently limited to the latest with iOS and android phones. This incorporates most features that are expected out of a next-generation wearable device.
Verpo smart watch can connect to a mobile device using the latest version of the Bluetooth technology, and perform tasks that make certain features in the phone redundant. The smart watch can view incoming calls, make outbound calls based on voice commands, can take photos using a small camera located on the watch dial, and many more. This showing the time, the device is also equipped to display the current temperature and can also monitor certain health parameters with the help of Android apps. The best thing about this device is, of course, the fact that most apps alrady available on the Google Play store are compatible with this.
Know about Verpro Smart Watch, Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Wearable Oxygen Blood Pressure Wrist Watch, Bluetooth Running GPS Tracker Sport Band, Black and related detail as below:

Want to start down the path to a healthier lifestyle?
Use DoSmarter technology to help you make the right choices!
Verpro smart watch helps you get motivated and ready to make changes. It calculates your all-day activity and keeps track of your sleep habits.
It makes it so easy to figure out if you need to push it more or pace yourself at a better level.
Now it’s time for you to help yourself become better.
System Requirements:
– APP: Da Fit (freely download from the apple app store or google play)
– IOS 9.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 (Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet)
CPU: nRF52832
Control Mode: touch operation
Display: 1.3″OLED
Battery: 110mAh
Charging Time: 4 Hours
Weight: 2.2oz
The waterproof grade of this smart watch is IP67.
It is suitable for everyday use, splash/rain resistant, swimming, and water related work and fishing, not suitable for hot bathing, snorkeling, and diving.
If you wear it to swim, we may suggest you do not swim over 45mins in a swimming pool is 2m deep every time.
Keep smart watch clean
Clean the watch band with a water rinse. Do not use soap or any cleaners which may irritate skin. Dry the band well before wear it on.
DoSmarter watch is waterproof, but it’s not good for your skin to wear a wet band for long periods of time.
Better to clean the band especially after training or sweating regularly.
Packing list
DoSmarter Smart Watch*1
User Instruction*1
Charging Cable*1
Gift Box*1
• All-in-one Smartwatch: All-day activities tracker, waterproof smart bracelet, automatic heart rate, blood pressure, and SPO2 monitor, Notifications reminder, intelligent sleep tracker, camera remote and music control, the weather, reminders to move, training helper, alarm, quick view, etc
• Personal Health Tracker: Built-in latest optical sensors, measure heart rate effectively, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, record them for you in the Da Fit app. Get a better understanding of your health, towards a healthy lifestyle
• Waterproof Wrist Watch: Protects your watch when washing your hands, swimming or getting caught in the rain. Track and share your daily activity, and get the motivation you need to hit your goals
• Keep You Stay in Touch: Mobile notifications keep you aware of important events. View notifications from email, SMS, caller ID and your favorite apps (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, etc) on your wrist, so you never miss a beat
• Music/Remote Camera Control: Tap screen to switch next song, music play, pause and control the phone shutter to take pictures from your wrist. Bring your pleasure time anywhere

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