Strider Balance Bike Pro Black

You can teach your child how to balance a bike before giving him a bicycle. The Strider Balance Bike is made for the children to learn in what way to balance without being hurt. The bike is designed for young children; therefore, this has a very simple frame that lacks chains and the paddles for the security of your child.
This will support your child in learning balance and coordination so that when he might not need training wheels when this comes to riding a bicycle. As likened to other running bikes, the difference between the front and the rear wheel of the Strider Balance Bike is larger to offer a bigger turning circle and more safety.
The Strider Balance Bike has an innovative foot plate design so that your child can raise their feet once they feel self-assured, then this becomes a gliding bike more than a running bike.
Strider Balance bikes are much better options over training wheels and tricycles. Children who start off with strider balance bikes have an easier time learning because they focus more on balance than they do pedalling and this gives you a good start that will not require a transition later as this would otherwise be the case with other bikes. The bikes simply skip the training wheels making this possible for the young ones to go straight to standard bike riding. But for your child to relish the best riding experience, you must get this right with your balance bike selection. There are key areas that you should check out before making your purchase to get the finest one for your child.
Bike weight
The weight of the strider balance bike should match your child’s weight otherwise this will be difficult for them to grip this properly. This should neither be too light or too heavy for the child; let age and shape of your child guide you into making a safe selection
Bike frame
The strider balance bike frame materials can vary greatly and each comes with pros and cons. Some of the most popular resources for the strider balance bikes are steel and aluminium, but you can also find the frames that are complete from wood and the composite materials. When out purchasing a bike for your child, take the time to check out material options considering the pros and cons of each as a guide to the best. Apart from toughness, think about in what way heavy the frame material makes the bike and care and maintenance requirements too.
Bike tires
Strider Balance Bike  come in the varying tread patterns as per the tires. Think about equestrian environments and conditions your child will be riding on when making your assortment because some are better for pavements whereas others are designed to offer increased tractions on the natural surfaces and dirt surfaces. Tires that are functional for any given surface may be finest so you do not end up limiting your child’s riding fun. The main options you have with the bike tires are solid rubber, air and pneumatic, EVA foam tires and honeycomb tires which are comparatively new but gaining rapid popularity.
Seat height
The correct seat height cannot be overlooked if at all kids are to remain comfortable during their rides. Always get a proper seat height and go for adjustable features that make this possible for you to make adjustments to outfit your child even as they grow. Evaluatee the bike you are about to buy so you know of any adjustability features and add-on option to lower and extend seat height as suitable for your child.
They should protect and retain tiny hands comfortable. A handgrip that comes with the protective rubber and the cushioned end is always a healthier choice because of the ability to absorb impact and protect against pinching during a fall. If you are buying the strider balance bike for younger children, then a smaller radius grip is most appropriate.

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