Raw Chocolate

The raw organic chocolate arose into the picture. But, is raw chocolate good for you or is this just as bad? Both raw and highly processed chocolate originate from the cacao bean. We have found the raw chocolate can be both good and bad.

Higher in antioxidants: We have definitely experienced this since we brand our own raw organic chocolate treats. If we are feeling sick for some reason, intake this treat, will comfort this. This is not a cure all for what may be ailing you but this definitely has the power to boost the immune system.

Increases up nutrition availability: since this is usually originate in recipes with other raw organic ingredients. When we ate raw chocolate as a child, we really loved this but we unwillingly learned that we just couldn’t deal with this. We have since erudite that this wasn’t just the chocolate, but all the other ingredients that were not essentially healthy for us. we now always look at the ingredients list before purchasing anything, and we make by own treats to get full advantage.

Extra healthy nutritional elements are in raw chocolate as opposite to the highly heated chocolate. Back in school, we erudite that heating chemicals together, can make new compounds. This converted very significant to us when we applied this to the cacao bean – raw versus the roasted. There are an astonishing number of chemical compounds in the raw cacao bean that are very good for the human bodies.

The Bacteria and Fungi are present during the process of drying the raw cacao beans for both types of the chocolate, raw and the roasted. For the traditional chocolate, cultivating the bacteria and fungi is fortified after harvesting, so the cacao beans end up with the familiar chocolate taste in the ending product. During this process, bad microbes can also be flourish, but during the high heated raw chocolate process, they are demolished. With the raw chocolate, this is important to ensure the bad microbes do not flourish. There are certain procedures that are occupied to keep the bacteria count very low, and with no mold. we always look for certification of this fact. If not found, we don’t buy. Some cacao farmers and the manufacturers do not take the precautions and you can end up with the poor quality raw cacao products. As far as the acquainted chocolate taste, we have originated one type that has that countless chocolate taste, without going finished the traditional procedures. This is called Aromica and is grown in the Ecuador. We always grow the kind that is certified raw, organic and free of the mold.

This can be very expensive, sad but factual, raw organic raw chocolate is method more expensive than the traditional chocolate. We have reduced our costs radically by buying the highest quality ingredients in bulk and  making our own treats. This can be pretty easy once you get the hang of this. So, there you have our observations on what is good and bad about the raw organic chocolate. We are fairly happy with the result and evade the bad aspects of this, though we can.

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