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Non-Stick Four-Hole Egg Pan

Non-Stick Four-Hole Egg Pan

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Color - 24cm
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Non-Stick Four-Hole Egg Pan

24cm Non-Stick Small Pan Hamburger Breakfast Pot Household Four Hole Fried Egg Pan Fried Egg Mold Egg Dumpling Special Poached


Type: Pans

Wok type: Non-stick

Applicable Stove: General Use for Gas and Induction Cooker



• Non-stick surface :The pan has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean and prevents food from sticking.


• Four-hole design :The pan has a four-hole design that allows you to cook multiple burgers or eggs at once, saving time and effort.


• Special poached egg mold :The pan comes with a special poached egg mold that allows you to make perfectly shaped poached eggs with ease.


• Induction cooker compatible :The pan is compatible with induction cookers, making it easy to use and heat up quickly.