Tennis Swing Wrist Training Aid for Forehands, Backhands, Volleys and Serves – PermaWrist

  • Feel what the pros feel by hitting in front with the laid back wrist.
  • Great for training proper forehands, backhands, volleys and even serves.
  • Helps you feel the proper 90 degree wrist angle with the racket to hit with effortless power.
  • Helps relieve tennis elbow pain by transferring the impact force from elbow to wrist.
  • One size fits all to accommodate players of all sizes. Suitable for right and left handed players.

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Product description

Ingeniously powerful patented (Pat. No. 9,610,487) training tool to dramatically improve tennis strokes by setting the proper 90 degree angle between the racket and the forearm which is critical to develop effortless power and reduce the chance of tennis elbow injury.

FOREHANDS and BACKHANDS: All professional players achieve one common body position, which is the secret to hitting powerfully, yet effortlessly. As the player turns the body to start the forward swing, the arm goes forward, but the racket head actually goes back to form a 90 degree angle between the racket and forearm (racket lag). It is this 90 degree laid back position that is so critical in hitting powerful forehands and backhands in what many coaches call a proper wind-shield wiper motion. The PermaWrist swing training aid will lay your wrist back to achieve the 90 degree angle. If you try to flick your wrist in an improper swing motion, our product will let you know instantly from the increasing tension in the elastic cord.VOLLEYS: The secret to the pros’ volleys is that the racket is locked relative to the arm at nearly 90 degrees and they maintain that locked L-position throughout the swing. By contrast, many amateur players erroneously try to break or flick their wrist in trying to generate power and under-spin. Proper volley strokes require maintaining the locked L-position of the wrist throughout the swing. The PermaWrist volley training aid will help you achieve that position throughout the swing. If you try to flick the wrist, our volley training aid will let you know instantly from the increasing tension in the elastic cord.WHAT IS INCLUDED: Tennis elbow brace and adjustable elastic cord that attaches to the racket throat. Racket not included.RELATED PRODUCT: Try our SnappyWrist product for a gentler way to feel improper wrist flicks. Click the “AA Swing” link at the top under the product title.

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