New Reusable and Washable Abaca Fiber Mask Biodegradable Organic Eco-Friendly Mask Price: $12.99 (as of 15/04/2021 08:58 PST- Details)

🌿Made of indigenous natural fiber- strongest fiber
🌿Low water absorption, with filter 7x better than cloth masks.
🌿Made of 3 layers – 1st abaca paper 2nd abaca filter and 3rd cloth

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Fiber Mask

Eco-Friendly Mask

This face mask is made with raw Abaca, a leaf fiber prized for its great mechanical strength, resistance to saltwater damage, and long fiber length. It’s Organic, Biodegradable and Sustainable. Composed of 2 layers of reusable and washable Abaca paper and 1 layer of recyclable polyester cloth. Abaca Paper has higher water repellency and smaller pore size than cloth. First and Second layer is Abaca fiber and 3rd layer is polyester cloth. Adjustable Elastic.

The front fiber of the mask is waterproof. After few washes the front fiber softens and it snugs firmly into your face for a greater are compatible. Nature Friendly, Reusable, Washable, Sustainable. Better Filtration than Cloth Mask Wash Mask Thoroughly Before The use of. Hand Wash, Soak in Water and Soap for three-5 Mins, Rinse and Hang Dry. Keep away from brushing the Abaca fiber. Some colored mask will stain Keep away from washing with other fabric.

🌿Manufactured from indigenous natural fiber- strongest fiber
🌿Low water absorption, with filter out 7x better than cloth masks.
🌿Manufactured from 3 layers – 1st Abaca paper 2nd Abaca filter out and 3rd cloth
🌿Washable and reusable as much as 4 months
🌿Biodegradable and non-tree
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