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NYDZ 3D Luminous Visual Illumination 7 Color Change USB Battery Power Touch//Touch Console Light Nice Gift Home Decor (Musical Instrument)

  • ●The size does not require much space, so it is very flexible. Low energy and portable night light for children’s bedrooms.
  • ● You can purchase it as your child’s unique birthday present, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift or purchase of children’s room decorations. The night light was named 3D night light.
  • ● 7 colors change with 3D effect, making the whole room full of romance, warmth and sweetness. Sleeping at night can help your child stay safe at night.
  • Ultra-long life super bright LED lights, will not heat up, use very low energy, this is the perfect night light for children
  • Energy saving, power consumption: 0.012kw.h / 24 hours, LED life: 10000 hours.



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  • ● Soft night lights make your child feel safe in the dark.
    ● Children’s good gifts to celebrate birthday with family.
    ● Mom gave her newborn baby a dim light in the evening.
    As 9 long-life 3D phantom light source, super bright LED lights,
    This will never get hot, use very little energy, this is perfect
    We use only the highest quality materials for luminous children.
    Construction, we d visual lights.
    We are leaving the factory to ensure proper operation and excellent lighting
    The test was performed before each lamp base and acrylic sheet.
    So you can get it here.
    Description: Switch Mode: Touch Control
    Light source: LED
    Material: Acrylic and ABS plastics
    Light source: LED
    Color: 7 color changes
    Voltage: 5V, 0.5A
    Power: 3 watts
    Power adapter: input 100~240V
    Base size: 8.8×8.5×4.2cm
    Package weight: about 0.5 kg
    Service life: 100,000 hours

    Accessories: 1 Acrylic plate
    1 lamp holder
    1 100cm USB cable (without adapter)
    Product color: seven colors: red, green, blue, yellow, blue, purple, white,
    Adjustable fixed color or color gradient
    Note: Acrylic sheet double-sided protective film before tear film
    Beautifully decorated bedroom, children’s room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant, office, wedding, party and restaurant atmosphere