Lens Cleaner & Anti-Fog for glasses: Anti Fog Paste to Prevent Fog | Safe on Anti Reflective Coatings | Defogger for all prescription glasses, sunglasses, scuba masks, VR Headsets, Face Shield

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💧Safe & Trusted: 100% Alcohol & Ammonia Free. These abrasive chemicals slowly break down your coatings causing them to peel and flake. Z Clear is made safe for all prescription, reading, safety, and sunglasses; anti-reflective, polarized, transitions, Crizal, Lexan, polycarbonate, & plexiglass.
💧Anti Fog Water Repellent: Z Clear is a powerful hydrophobic solution designed to repel moisture and prevent fogging. Don’t be bamboozled by other defoggers. Most of them are either alcohol or silicone-based resulting in either lens damage or hard to remove oily streaks. Our formula resists moisture safely with exquisite clarity.
💧Cleaner For Longer: This is not just another cleaner you forget the name of. With 300 applications for a pair of glasses, each lasting 2-3 days, Z Clear’s hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-static properties make it the champion in lens cleaners. It binds the oils for an easy streak-free clean and then provides a protective shield resistant to moisture, oil, and dust keeping your lens cleaner for longer.


Winter Sports – You ski, snowboard, or snowmobile, fresh powder is your playground. Fogging up sucks. Fog freezing over into ice sucks even more. Especially with a mask or balaclava on or worse, wearing glasses on underneath. Go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding and tell Jack Frost to fog off.

Hunting – It’s a peaceful morning, the sun is just cresting. Snow crunches beneath your feet. Cold nips at your runny nose. You go to line up your shot and just as you exhale to steady your aim the sight fogs over and you miss your shot… Defog all your optics, scopes, and binoculars.

Motorcycle – There’s nothing like riding bike. The rest of the world fades away. It’s freedom. Fog and rain are annoying and dangerous. Safely defog all your visors and glasses. Inside for fog; Outside to repel rain and keep bugs from baking on. Wipe them off easily.

Swimming – We’re just going to say it. This is 10x better than spit or that baby shampoo. Don’t get us wrong they’re nice in a tough spot but barely last underwater or leave nice good streaks. Z Clear gets you through a full swim whether you’re snorkeling, free diving, scuba, or racing a triathlon.

Sports – Whether you’re cutting it up on the rink, tearing up the gridiron, or just smashing some ball on the court, You’ll be able to find Z Clear giving all you hockey, football, paintball, and other sports players that competitive edge to put even further above the competition.

Z Clear is Lens Cleaner Reinvented. Thank you for trying us out and we’re here to help with anything you may need.

Keep Using It

All surfaces are different. Protective solutions will work far above expectations on some lasting weeks and a few may still fog a bit. Z Clear’s unique formula gets even stronger with continual use. Keep using it and You’ll be able to find that protection lasting longer and kicking fog off faster and faster.

(This also applies to strengthening the oil protection and filling in slightly deeper scratches)

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