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FDG WiFi Extender, 300Mbps Mini Wi-Fi Range Extender Repeater/Signal Booster/WiFi Router/Wireless Access Point with External Antennas, Extends WiFi to Home

  • 3 WORK MODES:Router,Repeater,AP mode operation modes,which is suitable for different network demands
  • NO NETWORK DEAD ZONES:It can build up a broad wireless coverage,providing better wireless performance in penetrating walls,transmitting across multi floor house,allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom anywhere around your house
  • High Quality Network: 2 External antennas for better performance, reliable wireless N network speed up to 300Mbps covering your bedroom, floors, restroom, garage and garden
  • CONNECT WIRED DEVICES: Two Ethernet ports allow the WiFi Extender to function as a media bridge to connect wired devices like PC, multimedia player, gaming console, and smart TV.
  • Easy to install and set:After the product is plugged into the power supply, wait for 1 minute and then set the next step.Simply pressing WPS button to get safe encryption,plug this easily and setup the connection instantly under Wi-Fi Router/ Repeater Mode.



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  • Color: 300M WiFi RepeaterFeature
    With the aim of extending wifi signal of your existing wireless network and eliminating DEAD ZONE, WIFI Range Extender can make
    you stream your favorite music such as pandora, video&show like big bang theory, gaming with playstation 4, online shopping.
    chatting with friends, working at home , more conveniently with speed up to 300Mbps in everying area of house
    Just several minutes to set it up, place it in a better location which you can get strong signal. Then you can do what you want at ease

    Wireless Setup:
    1.Plug repeater into wall. Wait approx.1 minute to establish a signal till see steady blink(Wlan)
    2. On your phone/tablet/laptop connect to wifi signal which name is “Wireless-N” (NOT your existing Wifi)
    3. Open your browser and enter on address bar
    4. Log in. Username and password are both “admin”
    5. Click on “Repeater” (under Wizard)
    6. Select your existing Wifi network and click “Apply”
    7. Change the Repeater SSID(if you want) and Security key to EXACTLY match the
    SSID and password of your Wifi network. Click “Apply”

    Wireless Standard: 802.11n, 802.11b/g
    Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
    Wireless Speed: up to 300Mbps
    Wireless Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS
    Wireless Access Scheduling:Specific day and time
    Wireless Coverage Control:15% – 100% Output Power
    Antennas:2 rotatable external antennas