Big D Industries 661 Non-para Toilet Bowl Block, Lasts 30 Days, White, Evergreen Fragrance, Box of 12 Price: $21.68 (as of 22/10/2020 13:44 PST- Details)

Contains no paradichlorobenzene
Lasts up to 1500 flushes (30 days of normal operation)
Colors the standing toilet bowl water a fresh aqua


Item Package Quantity:1

The Big D TOILET BOWL RIM HANGER WITH NON-PARA BLOCK fits such a lot toilets and deodorizes as much as 1500 flushes (30 days normal operation). The compound within step by step dissolves, coloring the standing bowl water a fresh aqua because it imparts a nice fragrance. Replace when the water is not colored. Blocks are acid-free, water-soluble and one hundred% biodegradable.

Incorporates no paradichlorobenzene
Lasts as much as 1500 flushes (30 days of standard operation)
Colors the standing rest room bowl water a fresh aqua
Blocks are water-soluble, one hundred% biodegradable and acid-free
Evergreen Fragrance with Enzymes

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